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Posted by: Richard Lee 20/05/2010

A Change in Direction

I've had a lot of fun keeping live for the past couple of years ....

I've had a lot of fun keeping live for the past couple of years but with everything else I have going on in my life right now I'm not able to give it the attention it deserves so have turned this site into an information-only site.

You'll still be able to browse through our library of Q&A's, reflect on Watford FC stories of the past couple of years via my weekly diary archive or view my pictures and videos but I won't be updating this site any further.

The main reason for this is the progression of my newly formed Goalkeeping company GK Icon LTD. You can find more information at The truth is that I need to manage my time as effectively in order to maximise the next few years of my playing career and hopefully build a business that will benefit many aspiring goalkeepers.

I've been touched by the amount of people who have approached me recently asking me about this site, as I had no idea how many people had been logging in. It has been a great experience and has given me a lot of joy being able to give something back. I now intend to continue to do that but in a different way.

Thanks for your support.


Richard Lee in a Suit
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