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Richard Lee With Danny Shittu and Aidy Boothroyd

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By Richard Lee on 20/05/2010

A Change in Direction

I've had a lot of fun keeping live for the past couple of years ....

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By Richard Lee on 29/11/2009

Never Too High, Never Too Low

Looking back over the trip to Palace and reacting to the FA Cup draw, Rich remembers this week about the maxim that's served the squad well so far this season

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By Richard Lee on 22/11/2009

Iron Filing

Reflections on a return to the squad - and that dominant Scunthorpe display

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My Biography

I wanted this section to be as complete as possible, so I’ve spent quite a long time writing these pages and choosing some ‘interesting’ photos from all sorts of stages of my life. I hope you find it a good read.
Richard Lee as a Child

Early Years and School Days

Where to begin? Well I was born on the 5th of October, 1982, in John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

I lived in Bicester until the age of four before moving to Bierton, near Aylesbury. I only lived there until I was seven but within this time I’d joined a local Sunday football team called Bedgrove Dynamos -  a team that I stayed with until the age of 11 when I joined Watford.

When I was seven we moved to Longwick, where my parents still currently live, and I attended Longwick Primary School as a boy...

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Richard Lee FamilyMy Family and Friends

I’m the oldest of four boys.  Being the oldest you’d think my brothers would look up to me and want to follow in my footsteps. That couldn’t be further from the truth!  Until recently none of them had shown any interest in football whatsoever. My dad has always been a big football fan and he’s the biggest reason that football has taken such a prominent role in my life...

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Richard Lee in a Kids Football TeamFootball – Kick Off and Youth Team Days

As I mentioned, I started with Bedgrove Dynamos and stayed with them until the age of 11. It was then that I was aware of a Watford scout present at one of our games.  This happened to be a game that we won 10-0 and a game that I didn’t touch the ball! Thankfully my manager at the time recommended me to the scout and I was subsequently given trials...

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Richard Lee Playing for Watford FC2001/02 - Under Luca and 2002/03 - Under Ray

Big changes were anticipated with the arrival of Luca Vialli, unfortunately things didn’t go quite to plan and a disappointing season meant only one year at the helm for him.

For me it did mean the introduction of Kevin Hitchcock who has played a major role in my career to date and was a big reason I made the year-long loan to Blackburn – more of that later...

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Scar from Richard Lee's Broken Arm2003/04 – What a Nightmare!

The following season didn’t quite go as hoped. In fact it was a complete nightmare for so many reasons. It seemed doomed from the beginning, firstly I twisted an ankle one morning when I decided to go out early to work on my kicking.

I’d return to the physio room to be told I’d just been handed another call-up, which I therefore had to turn down...

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Richard Lee being carried off injured2004/05 – The Cheek of it!

The following season I found the breakthrough I was hoping for. Unfortunately for a keeper it normally requires an injury or sending-off for you to get your chance and that was exactly what happened.

Alec sustained an injury that would allow me to start the season, and this wouldn’t be the only time when an injury to Alec would give me my chance – more of that later.

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Richard Lee at Blackburn Rovers2005/06 – Off to Rovers

The next season was here and the new regime under Aidy would soon be in full flow. Changes were again made and players were coming and going faster than ever. The first meeting we had he informed us of his goals for the season: automatic promotion was the goal and Play-Offs the worst-case scenario...

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Richard Lee Professional ImageDragons' Den

Dr Cap Website - New Era Caps & Hats

Since appearing on the show I think I’ve received more recognition for that than for my football!  It was a great experience and something I’m glad I went through. It all began as a joke really, as a regular viewer of the show it was my friend Daren who suggested that we apply for the show with our idea of a selection of headwear stores...

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Richard Lee and Wayne Rooney2006/07 – My Return

The new season was here and I was determined to make an impression. I reported back and would initially be up against Alec and a young lad we’d signed from Lincoln, Scott Loach. It was widely expected that Ben Foster would be returning to us on loan at some point in the near future...

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ichard Lee Diving to Make a Save2007/08

Well as of writing this we are well and truly in the battle for promotion, hopefully when I add to this at the end of the season we will once again be in the Premiership. Fingers crossed!

Richard Lee Professional ImageFuture Dreams

I’ve included this section just as much as a reminder to myself as well as pointing out where I’d love to see myself at some point in the future. I’m a huge believer in setting goals for yourself and I love a good quote!...

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Richard Lee, Mart Poom & Alec Chamberlain2007/2008 Season

The season of 07/08 would inevitably be one of huge disappointment but one that I can now look back upon with a lot of pride.

Ben Foster had left and the new challenge came in the shape of a man who, at the age of 36, already had legendary status is Estonia, Mart Poom ....


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2008/2009 & 2010/2011 Season

I want to start this piece by saying that this season from a personal point of view was my most disappointing of my career up to date and I will go on to explain why as I give my run down but for that reason I feel more focused than I ever have done and know I’ll look back on it as being a pivotal part of my future.

The season didn’t start well, a pre existing knee injury flared up on a pre season tour to Austria and meant I would sit out the majority of pre season. ....


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2009/2010 Season

Perhaps my most frustrating season to date and in truth a bit of a non entity.

As with every season I approached it with hope. Hope that I could oust Scott and get myself re-established as Watford's number one keeper and in truth I don't think there was much more I could've done, Scott was consistent in his performances and although I shone in the reserves it would never be enough to reclaim the spot I badly desired...


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Richard Lee Playing for Watford FC
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