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Hi and welcome to my website! I’ve produced it as a way of getting some of my thoughts across and also to give a bit of an insight into my life, feel free to browse.

Big news - I've written a book! Please visit for more details on my book titled 'Graduation' which is due for release on January 26th via Amazon.

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October 5, 1982

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  • Watford
  • Blackburn (Loan)
  • Brentford

Everyone likes a challenge – but goalkeeper Richard Lee seems to love them! Since his Hornets' debut in March 2003, his experience as a professional footballer has been far from mundane, countless injuries, penalty heroics, captain of two clubs, mistakes and match winning performances culminate in what has been a pretty eventful career so far!

A former Watford Academy scholar, Richard trained with the Hertfordshire club from the age of 10, progressing through the ranks to become a mainstay of Watford’s matchday squad, in the summer of 2010 he left the Hornets to joins the Bees of Brentford for whom he currently represents.

The 2011/12 season will likely go down in the memory as the most memorable one to date and one for which he has written a book titled 'Graduation' ( which included success in 4 penalty shootouts, a Wembley final, experimentation with hypnotherapy, injuries and plenty of drama to boot!

Richard is far from your 'average' footballer and has several business interest, most famously appearing on Dragons den for his head wear business 'Dr Cap' ( and a further business dedicated to his passion - Goalkeeping, for which he created the concept of GK Icon (

Aged 29 we're sure this is simply the beginning.....

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By Richard Lee - 29/11/2009

Coaching Keepers Like You

I'VE always had one eye on doing more than just playing football - and those who know me will realise that setting up the goalkeeping school and some other bits which I've done this season is just me being me, making the maximum out of what spare time I have.

My first priority will always be my playing career, make no mistake, but I...

Questions and Answers

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Posted by scotty - 01/07/2009

Q. hi richard , when you measure youself do you take your shoes off or keep them on

Unfortunately we have to take them off, otherwise I'd wear timberland boots then I'd be 6ft3!!

Posted by James Hunter - 30/06/2009

Q. Hey Richard, firstly don't hate me because I'm a Reading Fan! I have a 15 year old brother who is a goalkeeper and he played in a youth cup final last week, the game went to penalties and he missed the last one meaning his team lost. He's gutted and was really upset. Is there any particular way we can lift him? Thanks

Sorry to hear that but also delighted to hear that.  Reason I say that is because it's when we come up against some form of adversity that we are able to grow as people and improve ourselves.

  It is a shame that they lost their final...

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